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Love Your Self

And then she had this dream again. She stood in a beautiful garden. The sun was shining down on her. Flowers were blossoming in a variety and beauty that she had never seen before. She closed her eyes, felt the grass beneath her feet, heard the leaves of the trees moving softly in the wind and she perceived this scent filling the air like a quiet promise. The promise of a summer never wanting to end. She felt happy and secure all by herself in this beautiful garden. While just a moment before she felt heavy and sad all the sudden the past seemed to never have existed. Only the endless garden, love, beauty and truth lay ahead of her.


She could still hear the words of the wise witch, who was the guard of the great gate leading into the world: "There, where you find beauty combined with truth, where truth and beauty are inseparable just as rice and sesame mixed together, there, where these two reflect each other and arise within pure love, there you will find, what you were looking for all your life." The burden of the seeker fell off her in this garden and she realized that the whole time she had carried the key to never-ending happiness within her. Everywhere she had searched for this bliss, she had heard and read even more about it. Until this very moment when she suddenly stood in this garden and realized that she had forgotten to look within herself. No matter where she was, no matter what had happened this garden had always been inside her. A couple of times she had seen this garden - in her dreams - but she never set foot in it, until this very moment when she let go of her past and realized that everything begins with the love for your self.


What had an old wise woman once told her during one of her travels? "There are journeys which you do with one piece of luggage only: your heart." Now for the first time she understood the meaning of these words. Follow your heart and your life will be a blossoming, fragrant, beautiful garden. Have the trust and courage to leave all your luggage at home and start walking your path on which you allow love, beauty and truth be the teachers of your heart. This is the journey to fulfillment. This is the meaning of life. And she decided to never leave this garden again. And she also decided to share this bliss with others and to invite them to come and visit her in her garden. Because a visit in such a garden trains your senses and allows you to see everything with mindful and widely opened eyes while you are walking through life until one day you will find the pathway leading to your very own garden - clearly and distinctly in front of you or hidden and wildly overgrown but nevertheless right there.