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Yoga in the English Garden Munich

Your yoga class now in the middle of nature - feel the soft grass beneath your hands and feet, enjoy the endless sky, smell the earth, grass, wood, flowers, leaves and hear the birds, bees and dogs. Allow your soul to "come back home" and feel wonderfully recovered and relaxed after this little vacation in nature in the middle of the English Garden. For such precious moments of recreation even inmidst your possibly stressful everyday life you do not need to book a vacation and pack your suitcase, just take some time and join for a beautiful yoga class with wonderful people.
As soon as it gets warmer we will meet at the cute little Milchhäusl in the English Garden in Schwabing. At a beautiful and peaceful spot nearby we practice a creative YogicLoveAffair Vinyasa Yoga Flow. Dates will be announced mainly by WhatsApp when planned. 
This means we breath deeply, we become more flexible, get more stamina, and strengthen our body. We will feel more vital, healthy, younger, beautiful and relaxed.
Yin Yoga sessions take place once in a while and are announced by e-mail or within my WhatsApp group. 
Beginners to yoga are welcome.
Please bring your own mat, blocks and belt. If you do not have a mat you can contact me. You might as well practice in the grass however I recommend to still bring a blanket for the seated and lying positions as well as the meditation in the end. It is also recommended to bring a mosquito spray.
Of course you can bring your kids as long as they are able to occupy themselves during class. There is a playground nearby.
And to conclude the event: There are two beautiful beer gardens close by, the beer garden at the Chinese Tower and the Milchhäusl.
Please feel free to join my newsletter or WhatsApp group for these events. Just send me a message with your e-mail address and / or phone number here.
Come and join! I am looking forward to doing yoga with you in the English Garden.